Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fighting for Democracy

Right after 9/11, GW said terrorists won't change American way of life . The terrorists are standing back laughing their asses off while GW is doing his own fine job of turning the American way of life upside down! I guess he's going for that happy way of life that he invisions behind his rose-colored glasses. The problem is, he hasn't asked any of us if we share the same vision. HEY GW!!! We don't! The outrageous tax cuts for the wealthy especially during a time of war and offset with budget cuts in education, healthcare, transportation, law enforcement support, and on and on and on does not represent the good old U S of A that the majority of the country wants.

GW is coloring outside the lines once again as he tells us "The American people expect me to do everything in my power under our laws and Constitution to protect them and their civil liberties," Bush said. "And that is exactly what I will continue to do, so long as I'm the president of the United States." Except there is one BIG fat problem here. He is playing fast and free with his Presidential powers given under the Constitution. He does that again and again, and when he uses his interpretation, we are losing the liberties that so many people have fought and died for.

This isn't the first time that this administration has played fast and free with the rules. The Geneva Convention has fallen out of favor in this White House and resulted in the mess at Abu Ghraib. Who suffered for that failure? The lowest level soldiers are the ones doing time for the disgraceful behavior we saw at the prison. Where are the top brass who either gave a wink and a nod or turned their backs when they knew the behavior was happening? And all the while Rumsfeld who is in charge of everyone in the Dept of Defense whistles away this and that problem as if they don't exist and he certainly accepts no culpability.

GW made no apologies for approving the illegal eavesdroppping. In fact, he had had harsh words for those who revealed the program to the media saying they acted improperly and illegally. One question please! How do you spell P-l-a-m-e? Improper and illegal doesn't only apply to those who disagree with the president.

It seems to me that the citizens of the US are having a harder time keeping democracy in our country than the Iraqi's who are being handed democracy on a silver platter. GW says that the domestic spying that he has authorized more than 30 times is critical to saving American lives and he has no intention of stopping the practice.

I think the whole world is turned upside down- I know mine is.


brainhell said...

What is important at this time is that we stop thinking, and show faith in the great leader.

GSMSO said...

Stop drinking the kool-aid; it's making you say crazy things!

Chancelucky said...

The President has clearly changed our way of life in the name of stopping terrorism. I've sometimes wondered if George H W Bush is really his father. It too often appears that his real father is J. Edgar Hoover.

brainhell said...


Chancelucky said...

possible, Nero supposedly fiddled while Rome burned. W strummed the guitar while New Orleans flooded.

GSMSO said...

We *know* he played golf in San Diego when New Orleans was storming.

pogblog said...

There were Germans who were basically good and, like most of us, they just couldn't believe the steady erosion of rights and the implacable accretion of power. People (like me when I was young in the 50s) thought How come the 'good Germans' just stood by and let this happen? I felt disdain if not disgust.

Now I realize that I'm a 'good American.' I keep believing it will stop -- that it can't get worse. Then I wake up the next morning & some new ghastliness is revealed. The mind really reels.