Thursday, February 16, 2006

Worst Day of My Life

2.15.06- Dick Cheney on Fox TV crying crocodile tears about the "worst day of his life", when he filled his friend with buckshot.

5.31.04- The day I was notified that my only child was killed in a war I never supported brought to us by an administration I never supported. Welcome to my world, Dick!

But Dick Cheney doesn't really have a clue. If last week was the worst day of his life, he is no where near mine and he is no where near the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and marines who have the worst days of their lives nearly every day in Iraq. These men & woman are seeing their friends fall in unimaginable ways and we still don't know why. Those images may never leave their minds. EVER!

Let's get a collection together and send Dick Cheney to stand by those men and women this adminstration has sent into harms way and let him see "the worst day of their lives". On second thought, I wouldn't wish Dick Cheney to be anyone's shooting buddy and I certainly wouldn't want to spend the money on the body armor he would surely keep from a deserving soldier!

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Chancelucky said...

You could take him hunting where you get to play by the same rules of "accident" and "investigation" that he go to play by.