Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hope Springs Eternal

Senator John McCain says he respects DeLay's decision to step down So do I but why did DeLay wait so long? When you've been indicted on money-laundering charges, thats the bidness you should be attending to, NOT re-election. Don't you think the good folks in Texas deserve a break from those evil ways? Some people have said they are going to miss DeLay. Miss him? Like a splinter removed from your finger? Yeah, the splinter is gone, but there's likely a messy mess left while the healing is going on. No, I will not miss DeLay and his corruption and hate. Let's move on!

He says he doesn't want to be a hindrance to his party. Too late! "I refuse to allow liberal Democrats an opportunity to steal this seat with a negative personal campaign," DeLay said. He took care of that negative personal campaign by leaving the race. Without him there is a nice chance for decorum. With a well-earned nickname like Hammer, it's fair to say that "decorum" is not part of his vocabulary.

If I'm appearing a bit giddy about this bit of news, why, yes, I guess I am! There's not alot of good news these days, what with the Iraq war now into it's 4th year. This month the death toll is already nearly tripled from last month, and honestly, things in Afghanistan aren't going any better. So when one of the bad guys takes a tumble, and that is what DeLay is, there's no denying this is good news and hope springs eternal.

When I was in Crawford, TX, right outside the president's ranch last summer, one of the things we talked about was our political fantasies. I was waiting to see Bush & Cheney fly off in a helicopter a 'la Richard Nixon. Another wanted to watch the whole bunch of them do the perp walk out of the White House. There were others that are not fit for printing here, so I'll hold back, but suffice to say, in the end we all agreed we could live with any of those outcomes.

So farewell Tom DeLay, your party may miss you, but the rest of us won't.


Chancelucky said...

Perhaps Teri Schiavo misses Tom Delay. I have to say I was more than a little shoced by Delay's exchange with Chris Matthews, so much for an objective press.

pogblog said...

At least Mr. DeLay won't be on Mount Rushmore now, I hope.

He said the biggest deal was that he can play golf again now.

Maybe he'll have time to go quail huntin' with Mr. Cheney?