Monday, August 07, 2006

Smackdown in Ct

I love a good election. I kind of wish I was in Connecticut on Tuesday. Lamont vs Lieberman. After months of campaigning, this smackdown starts at 8 a.m. when the polls open. I hope it's a KO on Lieberman. I don't understand how he can call himself a Democrat when he has been cuddling up to his friend, George Bush in the White House. His stance on Iraq, "I still believe that [the decision to invade Iraq] was right" along with his continued, cozy support of the administration will hopefully bring his legislative career to an end. In last minute campaign stops, Lieberman said he has opposed nearly every major domestic issue Bush has backed, including a ban on stem cell research and a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. I'll concede those are important issues, but he wins no brownie points with me.

If Lieberman loses; the message will be loud and clear. The message is Iraq. It is not about getting re-elected, because if it isn't about Iraq, you shouldn't be re-elected. The invasion of Iraq was wrong, is wrong and will forever be wrong. Historians will not view this administration favorably and if you are tied to this administration with your support of the war, blood is on your hands, too.

Don't think the Grand Old Party isn't quaking in their boots, either. If Lamont is victorious, they better be examining their election strategies, too.

While most agree that the eventual Democratic winner will be supported by those currently supporting Lieberman, like the Clinton's and former Senator Max Cleland, it is in the best interest of those in his camp to see him win.
A Lamont victory would shift the party to the left and give further encouragement to activists already deeply disappointed with Mrs Clinton's hawkish approach to foreign policy.

The polls may say the numbers give the win to Lamont, but the biggest threat to a Lamont win is getting those voters to the polls. If the Lamont campaign has a good campaign manager and I suspect he does, the phones are ringing all over Connecticut and that will continue until the polls close on Tuesday evening.

It's time for the legislators on both sides of the aisle to remember that we voted them in; we can vote them out.

It's time for the voters of Connecticut to send the message loud and clear. I can only hope that the voters across the country do the same.

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pogblog said...

As thrilled as I am that Lamont won, I am violently vexed (only in my mind, George -- I don't bomb people) that out of 699502 registered Dems in CT, only 283039 bestirred themselves to vote -- and that was considered a record turnout. Groan.

What in our dear world were the missing 416463 people doing?