Saturday, October 21, 2006

How low can they go?

In a previous post on this blog I wrote about Major General Caldwell's comments from Baghdad about the increasing violence which has resulted in 78 US deaths so far this month. He said it was disheartening. Who can disagree?

What didn't come out in the initial reports were his comments where he raised the possibility that insurgents have intentionally increased their attacks in recent weeks as a way of influencing political events in the United States.
“We also realize that there is a midterm election that’s taking place in the United States and that the extremist elements understand the power of the media; that if they can in fact produce additional casualties, that in fact is recognized and discussed in the press because everybody would like not to see anybody get killed in these operations, but that does occur,” he said.

Oh really? The insurgents are sitting around Tal Afar & Ramadi reading the New York Times telling each other that if they kill more Americans, maybe Lieberman will beat Lamont and Webb is defeated by Allen? Then what?

Yeah, right, sure- just like the release of the "overly friendly emails" from former Rep Mark Foley was a prank perpetuated by the Congressional pages; a prank gone too far.

When is this administration going to tell the truth? We aren't stupid- really! The truth will always come out and it will always win. Some truths take longer than others to stick, but it will always come out. Lucky for us, we are a patient lot. I think our patience wears out in about 2 weeks. How about we convene at the a voting booth nearby on November 7 and send that message loud and clear?

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