Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Blogday to me!

One year ago I made the first entry here. I didn't know what I would say, but I knew I had plenty on my mind. I've heard from enough people who make me feel that I am making a difference; maybe what I say does matter.

I've had visitors from .mil and .gov addresses. I hope they are taking notes. (The war is wrong and you know it!) I've had visitors from all over the world. I have regular visitors and accidental visitors; anyone who stops by is welcome. Don't be shy- do leave a comment; I appreciate a bit of dialog.

I've learned a lot from some fellow bloggers, Chancelucky, Brainhell, pogblog, and the Nemesis of Evil to name a few. Thanks for standing by me- it means a lot.

I hope I have made you laugh a little and I hope we've shared some tears. I wouldn't wish my life as a Gold Star mom on anyone. That is why I speak out and share my thoughts.

There have been some victories and there've been days when I wondered what kind of people were running this joint we call America. There have been days of darkness and a few days where we found out that this country really does belong to "we, the people" and that maybe it will get back on the right track.

Always, this blog has been a place of late night solace for me; where I could say what I really feel once the door to the outside world is closed.

I think Ken would have liked knowing my thoughts. I don't know if I would have been inclined to keep a blog had my life not changed so much on 5.30.04. The thing that I cannot express well enough is just how much I miss Ken; every day, every hour, every minute. We got gypped, whether you knew him in life or you just got to know him here; we were all gypped! I hope you got to know a little bit more about my blonde kid.

So, what do you say? Shall we try for another year?


Anonymous said...

I think we will be sharing more then 1 more year as Gold Star Mom's


pogblog said...

Not just because I knew you and Ken as such a team, but your blog has taught me so much about the specific and unbearable cost of this terrible war.

Because of what you've been willing to share with us, I know better and with such respect what other Gold Star families are going through. Tell us as much as you can stand to. It must not be allowed to be abstract for people.

Blog on.

Chancelucky said...

Happy Blogday and thanks for mentioning me.
I've probably posted fifty times about the war, but it hasn't touched my family directly yet. Your blog has been a place that reminds me not only that other family's have been changed irrevocably by the administration's lies, but I've been deeply touched by your determination that no more families suffer what you've suffered.

I hope you blog for many more years, but I hope that some time soon you'll get to be blogging as one of the last Gold STar Moms. In the meantime, I've recommended your blog any time people ask me what I look at online.
I mention Pogblog once in a while too :+