Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I couldn't make this up

I get some unusual correspondence sometimes. Someone sent me this in an email on Christmas Day (not edited for spelling or grammar):

I do not know how you can say: I stand by what Ken stood for, and in the same breath. Put down our military. If you have forgotten The War in Viet-Nam. About the time the North was about to give up...due to the hard pounding they received under Operation Rolling Thunder and Operation Line Backer. A woman by the name of Jane Fonda.....Lovingly known by the G.I.'s as Hanoi Jane. Was photographed with the North Vietnamese on an Anti-Aircraft Gun smiling. Along with the protests in the streets here at home. The VC say that our government was at odds with the people. This gave the VC a second wind and the war escalated for another 5 years.

Freedom is yours to do with what you wish. You stand hand in hand with Cindy Shehan protesting and diminishing our troops accomplishments, not to mention encouraging the insurgents to fight on through your actions. Shouting (as it is translated to the insurgents) Our govt is full of infidels, we all deserve to be killed. So more die, in your name (actions) called freedom of speech. That is in no way helping or supporting our troops.

I wonder what the writer is doing to support the troops? How many CARE packages or letters sent to Iraq or Afghanistan? How many VA hospital visits? How many pieces of body armor purchased? How many legislators has the writer worked with to improve conditions for our troops? Blindly supporting the president and his failed policy is NOT supporting the troops no matter how misguided you are.

I could easily refute the so-called facts of the email, but I won't bother; it's more fun to let the writer think I actually would consider the sage advice being offered. I kind of think I'm being compared to Jane Fonda. Hasn't the writer seen the movie, "Sir, No Sir"? Probably not; don't think it's on their Netflix list.

And I don't really think the writer has heard me speak- "we all deserve to be killed"? naaaaah, I don't. But no more soldiers or marines need to be killed either and neither do any more Iraqi civilians. I do support the troops and the peace work I do will bring the troops home sooner than if we don't speak up.

Ken would say "go for it, ma!" And for Ken and the other 2980 US military troops who have died in Bush's war, I think I will do just that!

Oh and, bartender? Another cup of purple koolaid for the writer of the email! With Bush's approval numbers in the mid 30's, the president needs all the support he can get.

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pogblog said...

How slippery is totalitarianism. Apparently you should have freedom of speech -- unless you use it. Then you're 'on the side of the terrorists.'