Thursday, April 26, 2007

No one suffers more than Laura & George Bush

We would be better off without Laura Bush in the White House but if she is going to stay, she should just keep her mouth shut. Our First lady must have missed the lesson that said "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"

Laura Bush was interviewed on the Today Show this morning and said "no one suffers more than she and her husband when it comes to watching what goes on in Iraq". Unfortunately, when I heard about this, my first thought was NOT, they must have gotten it wrong; no one would say something like that. But indeed, the current First Lady of this country has sunk as low as her mother-in-law when Barbara Bush said before the beginning of the war in Iraq: "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

Let's listen in:

ANN CURRY: Do you know the American people are suffering… watching

LAURA BUSH: Oh, I know that very much, and, believe me, no suffers more
than their president and I do when we watch this. And certainly the
commander-in-chief who has asked our military to go into harm’s way.

AC: What do you think the American people need to know…

LB: Well, I hope they do know the burden of worry that’s on his
shoulders every single day for our troops. And I think they do. I think if they
don’t, they’re not seeing what the real responsibilities of our president are.

AC: It must be hard for you to watch him in this.

LB: It’s hard. Of course, it’s absolutely hard.

What is wrong with these people? How far removed can you be from reality? Oh, I forgot, they live in George's world.

Let's hear Laura say this in her own voice:

Laura Bush said that no one suffers more than Bush and Laura herself watching what's going on in Iraq.
Neither Laura or George Bush will never, ever know how hard it is to bring your son or daughter home from Iraq in a flag covered casket. They will never know because no one in the Bush family will ever fight in this war, or any war, so her opinion is disingenuous.

It's not so bad that she says what she says; we've come to expect stupidity and insensitivity from the Bush White House. To say that Laura thinks that she and her husband would know how difficult it is to bury your child is even more patronizing to those of us who have had to bury our children who were killed in George Bush's occupation of Iraq. It's worse that she truly believes what she says and that she would find my distress confusing.

Not to be real picky, but I'd like to make one little correction. Laura's husband, the Commander in Chief did not "ask" our sons and daughters to go to Iraq- he "ordered" them to participate in an illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign country.

I really wish these Bush people would go away for a very long time. This country needs to do some serious healing and it will never happen on these ignorant people's watch.


Anonymous said...

Gold Star Mom,
I agree totally 100% with you. These people should shut up and go away. What do they know about suffering? Somebody's always been there to bail Georgie out when he ran into a little bit of trouble. He and his gargoyle of a mother have about as much sensitivity as a .... well, I can't think of anything bad enough to compare them to. Suffice to say that they aren't worthy to be in the same room with your son and the rest of the brave young men and women Bush sent to their deaths. I hope you didn't meet with him and have to endure his crocodile tears.

ernieson said...

Lip service. Why have they not been at one of the funerals of the sacrificial troops they put in harms way based on a pack of lies that continually morphed while profits rolled in at astonishing rates? Feigned, insincere,lying crocodile tears is what they shed, deluding only themselves. They have so much blood on their hands (with no conscience), that there is not enough forgiveness in all of time for their actions. If I were them, I would fret judgement day.

Anonymous said...

Its so pathetic of these people to constantly try to portray themselves as victims, and even worse, that their victimhood is on a higher level than the true victims their actions have created. Truly pathological. This is the Hallmark of all these Faux-Christians and wannabe Theocrats. Thank the Real God that the American Public finally saw through their psuedo-religious baloney in the last election. The Sunshine of Truth is bringing them down. I think they are so deluded that even when reality smacks them in the ass, they still don't get it, and probably will never let go of the delusion. Self-Pity is never a good gasrment for the pitiful.

Elizabeth A said...

Gold Star Mom, you are the real jewel here, not the government's gold star.

You are so right and that is such a dirty rotten shame. Having the Bush family perpetrated upon the American public is an insult beyond imagination.

I can think of no situation more damaging than yours...the loss of a child is horrifying in itself, but to an unjust and illegal war fought to line the pockets of the Bush dynasty? It's unthinkable!

There is nothing I can say that would or could comfort you, but your courage and strength deserve to be noticed and lauded so I wanted to comment.

All blessings all ways.

Cathy said...

I feel the same way as most. These people know what they do is wrong and I can't wait for them to be out of the white house. It would be nice if they could just go away forever. Hopefully their family tree will die out quickly. I hope anyone with an inkling of breeding with a member of that family gets talked into a quick sterilization proccess so their blood line disappears. Cathy.

Anonymous said...

"I really wish these Bush people would go away for a very long time. This country needs to do some serious healing and it will never happen on these ignorant people's watch."

Well said. It is time for the American people to stand up against them.

Shadowbear said...

I think if everyone in American knew
the truth and many now do things will change. Unfortunately it is too late for those who have died.

GSMSO said...


George Bush doesn't want to meet me any more than I want to meet him. He could never say anything to me that would explain his pathetic self. Worse still, I don't think he is capable of empathy. Not that that gives him or his sorry wife a pass. He will have to explain his actions to his higher power, whoever or whatever that is.

GSMSO said...


The morning we were to bury my son at Arlington, I woke up in horror wondeing if Bush would show up. My sister assured me he had never attended one funeral. I would have demanded he leave.

I would, however, ask that he and anyone in Congress who want to continue the occupation, to visit Section 60 at Arlington. More than 300 of our best and brightest, who were killed in George's adventures in Iraq & Afghanistan are buried.

Regardless of his position as president, I do not respect him; he has never earned it.

I don't know how anyone can forgive him and the others sent our military to war.

GSMSO said...


There's got to be a special place in the deepest, hottest part of hell for these people.

I agree, they would be truly puzzled and confused if they ever walked a minute in my shoes.

You would think Laura would be more empathetic and at least keep her mouth shut after killing her boyfriend in an accident in high school. She didn't even learn a lesson from that, obviously.

GSMSO said...


Thanks for your blessings and your kind words.

The last 3 years have been unthinkable for me. Everything I imagined during my son's deployment was nothing near what the hell this journey of bereavement has been.

GSMSO said...


Sterilization? YES! What a good idea! We could save future generations from this particular genetic failure. I think you are on to something!

GSMSO said...

anonymous and shadowbear-

People HAVE to stand up and let their representatives in Congress know that this is not okay with them.

1% of the population is fighting this war, so when Bush says "we are a country at war", that's just another lie. People have to be outraged at what our country has become and if they are not, why not?

I worry about the soul of our country.....

Mad Man Mikey said...

Thanks for your words on this.

Let's put together our own small protest - you me and these others we'll sit home evenings and cut out 4000 stars out of cardboard. Then we'll paint them gold and each of us will write the name of a service person who's died in this idiotic war - each service person gets one star. No repeats and no one forgotten.

We can all meet in D.C. at the same time and tie the ribbons to the fence of the White House.

Hey, it's just a thought.

Nemesis of Evil said...

Man, I loathe the national press. How does Curry let this slide without the follow-up question to the First Lady that everybody else thinks of instinctively.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that this comment will even get posted...but I could not remain silent. I think of the more than 4000 men and women that have died in this war, and by all of your standards, they have died in vain. Shame on you all! Did you forget that the draft has not been reinstated? These men and woman signed up to serve and protect their country! In the face of terrorism on our own soil, and with the threat of future attacks, they went to war to protect your right to spew your hatred and anger without fear of retribution! I sympathize with those whom have lost loved ones, we have all lost someone we love in our life time, many way too soon. These sons and daughters have the honor to have died while protecting their great country and the freedoms we take for granted. Make no mistake, even if the "Bush's go away", the terrorists and their threat will not. You should take heart that we have a President that was willing to stand up to these vile human beings who drew first blood, and who would take more if given the opportunity. Do not take away what these men and women have given, their lives - for life, liberty and freedom for all. Even the bitter ones.