Monday, June 18, 2007

Raising the bar

With approval ratings hovering in the 20 percentile, in Bush territory, the new Congress isn't doing so well with the folks at home. "I understand their disappointment," said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada. "We raised the bar too high." The Senator does not understand our disappointment and apparently the voters of America raised the bar too high in sending this new Congress to Washington. They are not getting the job done.

Nancy Pelosi calls herself "unhappy" but "we can only do so much". The whining is getting annoying.

The Republicans who continue to stand by Bush in some sense of misplaced loyalty will pay the price in 2008 and end up in the unemployment line back home.

My suggestions? Don't give up; never give up! This peace work is hard business, especially as the war machine in this country continues to consume so much of our resources, human and financial. With nearly half a trillion spent so far, every household in the US has paid $4100. That's a far cry from the $50-$60 billion the Director of the Office of Management and Budget
stated that the Iraq War would cost.

With Congress’ recent vote for an additional $100 billion in war spending, the total spent or allocated for the Iraq War alone rises to nearly half a trillion dollars. The cost to taxpayers of California now totals $57.8 billion.

It is not so much to meet with or write to your Congressional representatives in an attempt to change their minds and their vote. Writing a letter to the editor and getting the local media involved to let the readers and viewers know how their representative is voting. The public needs to wake up and remember that Congress represents you and they work for you. We, in the peace movement said that if Congress voted for the Supplemental bill in May, the war is no longer George Bush's war, it was theirs; they bought it, they paid for it, they own it.

To take that calculation further; if you don't do anything to end this war, then you own it, too. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if that is okay? DO NOT look away! Ask yourself what your responsibility is in the continuation of this war. They are telling us that the US will be in Iraq for 50 years, so I'm talking about your children, your grandchildren and possibly their children, too. How many dead Americans is acceptable to you? How many dead or displaced Iraqi's is acceptable?

“Iraq Summer” launched last week as Americans Against Escalation in Iraq prepares to dispatch nearly 100 organizers to the home states and districts of Republican Senators and Representatives who have opposed setting a timeline to end the US war in Iraq. The program is modeled on the “Freedom Summer” civil rights project. Organizers will be in fifteen states from Nevada to Maine, a total of 40 congressional districts. “This summer we will force Members of Congress to make a choice: vote to responsibly end the war or face political extinction,” said Tom Matzzie, Washington Director of

Pick up a pen, crank up the computer; your representative loves hearing from you. Yes, really, they do. To make it easy for you, here is the list of targeted Republicans:

10 - Kirk
15 – Johnson
18 – LaHood

Senate (Collins & Snowe)

3 – Ehlers
6 - Upton
7 – Walberg
8 – Rogers
10 – Miller
11 – McCotter

Senate (Coleman)
3 - Ramstad
6 – Bachmann

New Hampshire
Senate (Sununu)

New Jersey
4 – Smith
7 – Ferguson

New York
25 – Walsh
29 - Kuhl

Senate (Voinovich)
14 – LaTourette
15- Pryce

Senate (Specter)
3 - English
6 – Gerlach
15 – Dent
18 – Murphy
19 - Platts

Senate (Warner)
2 – Drake
10 – Wolf
11 – Davis

1 – Renzi

Senate (Grassley)
4 - Latham

New Mexico
Senate (Domenici)
1 -Wilson

2 – Heller
3 – Porter

1 – Castle

I'm weary and I'm frustrated at the lack of progress in ending this war, but mostly I miss Ken and I cannot bear the thought of another family burying their loved one.

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pogblog said...

I know you must be impossibly weary. But the Bullets Win generals are already talking about "needing more time" just like they did last year.

I wish you and some other Mothers would take some bedrolls and lie in in the Halls of Congress. You all have the cred. The Dems do have the will, but need votes to override the vetos. I think you & the Mothers really are the only ones who can push the publicity.