Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We're kicking ass

"We're kicking ass" is how Bush responded to a question from the Australian Deputy Prime Minister about his recent stopover in Iraq on his way to the APEC summit in Australia.

Kicking ass, my ass! There is a big white ass in DC I would like to fire or impeach or send to Guantanamo. The things that comes out of this man's mouth continue to amaze me. I suppose the words don't really amaze me as much as give me the feeling that the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world thinks it's okay to say something that arrogant and stupid with no regard to how it might affect others. It's amazing he is allowed outside of Washington DC, let alone out of the country.

Think of someone who you know; you know, the person who constantly says the unspeakable stupidity without thinking and every time, you and your friends say, can you believe s/he said that? And yes, you have to say, well, I guess, yeah. That's how it feels when Bush opens his mouth, except he's not any ones friend; he's like the lame, fratboy freak who just won't go away.

"We're kicking ass" is right up there with "Bring 'em on" in terms of respect for our professional military and their families. Imagine how the 4 families of US troops, whose loved ones were killed in Iraq today feel about the US "kicking ass". Forever those words will be seared into their memories as they remember this was the day they heard their loved ones were never coming home.

"Kicking ass" is how you respond to an unbalanced victory at the Saturday college football game. "Kicking ass" is how you respond to a winning streak at the roulette wheel. But "kicking ass" is never how you respond to a question about a war you started that has resulted in the death, injury and displacement of more than a million people.

War is not a game and that is something George W Bush will never know.


libhom said...

I think the "we're" part is obnoxious too. It's not like Bush or his kids are doing the fighting in Iraq.

libhom said...

I think the "we're" part is obnoxious too. It's not like Bush or his kids are doing the fighting in Iraq.

pogblog said...

Incisive piece, gsmso, about this grotesque mal mot by The Vomiter. I cannot stand that he is let out in public. Tho I could deal with the horror the horror of the embarrassment and the international humiliation if it weren't getting more people killed and mutilated.

The absence of a loved one lasts a lifetime, the mutilation lasts a lifetime, George, even after you've 'gotten bored and jumped in the pickup to go out to the ranch.' They pay, George, -- you pay not one centavo.