Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5th Anniversary on CNN Headline News

On the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq I was invited to talk about my son, Lt Ken Ballard, who was killed in Najaf, Iraq on 5.30.2004 on CNN Headline News. I like talking about Ken so I accepted immediately. I was in a studio in Mountain View, CA and Mike Galanos, the host was in Atlanta, GA. It's always kind of strange to be sitting alone in a room, except for the camera operator, talking to the camera. I didn't see the final results until my friend, Mike, posted the excerpt on You Tube (thanks, Mike!)

You never know what you will be asked in an interview; the request is typically general, but you don't know specific questions. The initial request was We’d like to hear from parents who think enough children have already been lost. I'm one of those parents, Bring 'em home! NOW! That wasn't exactly how the conversation turned out, but it went fine.

I liked the part most of all when Mike Galanos said that he was glad to share in celebrating Ken's life; so was I.


libhom said...

Thank you for all you do to speak out against the war.

GSMSO said...


Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. That CNN interview was hard, heck, that day was hard; 4000 dead Americans, who should still be alive. (who knows how many dead Iraqis and wounded from both countries?)

People had to actually pay attention to the fact that our young men & women are still dying in George's hideous occupation. It's time to bring them home!