Sunday, April 27, 2008

McCain- Anti-Choice

Before my son was killed in Iraq, the determining factor for any political candidate was their stance on abortion or choice. If a politician didn't think I deserved a choice about what happened to my body, they wouldn't be getting my vote. It really wasn't difficult. If I got past that, I would examine their platform on taxes, education, the environment, their character.

Unfortunately, the field of candidates hasn't passed on all of their platforms, and certainly not those on the national level, so you hold your nose and hope the ultimate "winner" will not be that bad.

Obama & Clinton both pass the "choice test". But, now in the 6th year of the occupation in Iraq, the determining factor is foreign policy, or even more narrow, how soon does a candidate plan on ending the occupation and bringing the troops and the subcontractors home from Iraq? While both Clinton & Obama said that as Commander in Chief, they would change the mission in Iraq and withdraw the troops, their timetable doesn't come close to what I think should happen. So, maybe Obama gets a B-, Hillary gets a D- (her hawkish attitude with regards to Iran should give her a failing mark, but her current statements on Iraq save her from an F, even though I don't think she means them), and bringing up the rear with an F for his comments that 100 years, or more in Iraq would be okay with McCain. He said he didn't really mean that, but he I think he did, so he gets an F on his foreign policy.

McCain does not pass the "choice test" either- another F. Back in 1999, McCain spoke to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco saying "I'd love to see a point where [Roe v. Wade] is irrelevant, and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary. But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade, which would then force x number of women to [undergo] illegal and dangerous operations." Not bad for a centrist. But wait, fast forward to 2006 when the senator declared that he does not merely favor overturning Roe, but supports a constitutional amendment that would ban abortion in almost all circumstances. I guess the Straight Talk Express left the station because when McCain recently appeared on "Meet the Press," he claimed that he has "always been pro-life, unchanging and unwavering." I wonder why he cannot keep track of his stand on such an important issue.

Frankly, the thought of John McCain as the 44th president of the US scares the hell out of me, possibly even more than the last 8 Bush years have.

Note to the voters who say that if their Democratic candidate (generally Clinton) is not nominated, they will vote for McCain. Please think again and reconsider the repercussions of the 3rd term of Bush policies that McCain will ocntinue. The US and the world cannot afford it, not in blood, not in treasure and not in standing.


Anonymous said...

First of all, if Obama or Billary get elected, and pulls us right out of Iraq, what do you think is going to happen? Do you really think that The war is just going to end? Do you even understand why we are there? I'm sorry your son, and many other sons and daughters have died there. We are never going to pull out of Iraq completely, why would we? We have never completely pulled out of any country that we have fought against!!!! Second, abortion, do you really understand what happens with abortion? Yes that's great you get to decide what happens to your body, but that little baby doesn't get to decide what happens to his. A mother can choose to abort her fetus (abortion by the way is not humane in any way,jabbing a needle in a fetus's skull and sucking its brains out is not what I call humane, but you decide what you want! Maybe they should put a mirror there so the mother can see what she's having done to the tiny, helpless baby), but an elderly man/woman cannot decide to have euthanasia!!!! MAKE THE DECISION WHEN YOU DECIDE TO HAVE SEX. Use protection, get sterilized, don't have SEX!!!! If you decided to have sex, then pregnancy is always a possibility, we sterilze our pets, why not sterilize humans??? The only person that should decide whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is sitting way above us, and he's not doing it the way doctors do it!!!!

McCain never said he was prochoice, he does not believe in abortion, he doesn't like it what-so-ever, and many people don't, the problem is that if abortion is made a illegal, then people are going to have it done in back alley's, and disgusting, filthy places, with poor care, and are going to die as a result of complications from unsterile surgical fields, and botch abortions. He doesn't want that responsibility for all those problems coming down on him either. its completely understandable , and anyone with a heart and a brain in their head would understand that. . . you are upset that you lost your child, that someone killed him, How do you think God feels when a mother who he blessed with His child to give birth to and raise decided that she didn't want the precious child He gave to her, and had the innocent child take only 1 breath before someone killed him.
. . . you should be ashamed to say that without abortion, that women would not have a choice over their own bodies, that choice begins BEFORE the child is conceived, NOT AFTER

. . . you choose to engage in an activity, you must face the consequences!!!!

GSMSO said...


It seems your mind is made up. I'll let your anonymous comments speak loud and clear for you.

And for the sake of civility, let's just agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

its not whether I'm anonymous or not, and you don't have to agree to disagree to be civil. I didn't put a name in because I just didn't feel like it. I could put any name in and it wouldn't matter, I could put AngelinaJolie in, that doesn't mean I'm her. We're in America and we all have our own opinions.

I think you have your mind made up, do you even understand the things I wrote?? I don't know how you can be upset about your son, but be okay with someone else killing theirs. At least your son had a choice to join the military, little babies don't even come close to making a choice. Except in the case of rape, women make that choice at the time of conception. Women do have a right over their body, even without abortion!!!!! Keep your legs together or use protection. BOTTOM LINE!!!!