Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where the Presidential Campaigns stand

If, as John McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis says, "This election is not about issues" then what is it about? The Republican campaign wants to talk about lipstick and not legislation. They want to talk about sexism and not Social Security. They want to talk about pigs and not PTSD; and so it goes..

As annoying as Governor Sarah Palin is to me, I've got an open mind and I am really trying to listen to what she has to say to see if there really is anything about the stories flying out of Alaska. I want to know how the Republican VP nominee feels about foreign policy, health care, education, taxes, the environment, Social Security; you know, all that boring stuff. Sarah Palin is drinking the Republican koolaid and is regurgitating the party line, which is probably just fine with the McCain campaign.
So far, I haven't heard an original line out of Palin's mouth on the campaign trail, just cut from her speech at the convention in St Paul and paste it in Fairfax. Rinse & repeat. It's time to take Palin out of her gilded cage to see how she handles the pressure of live questioning. If she's as good as they say, then she'll do fine. If not, we'll see what kind of VP she will make.

On Sunday, Chris Wallace from Fox News asked Rick Davis what her availability to the media will be, stating that she
has not answered a single question from the national media. When is she going to agree to an interview?, Davis responds she will be available to the news media when and if we decide that that is going to be the case. (my emphasis- IF we decide....oy!)

So, it's about time someone talks about the issues. The CBS Evening News has launched a series called "Where They Stand". CBS News will be devoting a large part of our broadcasts between now and Nov. 4 to telling you where the candidates stand on major issues - from the war in Iraq to health insurance to education … and a lot more. Each piece will be an in-depth look at the issues facing the 44th president. The inaugural story covered where each candidate stands on personal taxes.

On Thursday night, Lara Logan, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent will focus on each candidate's Iraq strategy. Lara Logan is a tell-it-like-it-is, no holds barred reporter who has a fierce determination to enlighten the American public with what's going on in Iraq. She feels responsible for Americans not understanding what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can handle the truth, so I hope she is able to ask the questions she wants to.

With 55 days more until election day, we cannot hear too many facts. It seems that this series on CBS is trying to do just that.

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