Wednesday, May 13, 2009

McChrystal's assignment in Afghanistan is a nice reward for bad behavior.

The news about the firing of Lieutenant General David McKiernan from the top spot in Afghanistan is troubling in that it demonstrates an escalation in the war. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the decision in terse comments at the Pentagon, saying that "fresh eyes were needed" and that "a new approach was probably in our best interest." The new assignment for McCrystal is fine if you want more torture and cover-ups in a leader.

Matthew Rothchild from The Progressive states it clearly

By choosing Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Obama shows how indifferent he is to the serious allegations that have swirled around McChrystal, a darling of the Bush-Cheney regime.

It was McChrystal, after all, who approved a medal for Pat Tillman, the former NFL star, saying he fell under “devastating enemy fire.” But just a day later, McChrystal warned the White House that it might have been friendly fire, not enemy fire.

And, according to Seymour Hersh, McChrystal was the guy who was running Cheney’s assassination squads. From 2003-2008, McChrystal headed the Joint Special Operations Command, which Hersh called “an executive assassination wing” that reported directly to Cheney’s office.

What’s more, Esquire has reported that McChrystal authorized torture at a secret camp, where two detainees died under interrogation, and expressly prohibited the Red Cross from entering the camp, which would be a double violation of the Geneva Conventions.

McChrystal’s promotion mocks Obama’s rhetoric about making a clean break with the torture regime of Bush and Cheney.

The New York Times is effusive in their reporting of General McChrystal's career. “He’s lanky, smart, tough, a sneaky stealth soldier,” said Maj. Gen. William Nash, a retired officer. “He’s got all the Special Ops attributes, plus an intellect.”

But where are his ethics? Ethics define a leader and he gets a zero for that.

The San Jose Mercury News explains, in April 2004, McChrystal approved paperwork awarding Tillman a Silver Star after he was killed by enemy fire — even though he suspected the Ranger had died by fratricide, according to Pentagon testimony later obtained by the AP.

The testimony showed that McChrystal sent a memo to top generals imploring "our nation's leaders," specifically the president, to avoid cribbing the "devastating enemy fire" explanation from the award citation for their speeches.

It's no surprise Pat Tillman's family would have an immdeiate reaction to the news.

"I do believe that guy participated in a falsified homicide investigation," Pat Tillman Sr. said.

Separately, Mary Tillman called it "imperative" that McChrystal's record be carefully considered before he is confirmed.

Pentagon spokesman, Geoff Morrell said, "We feel terrible for what the Tillman family went through, but this matter has been investigated thoroughly by the Pentagon, by the Congress, by outside experts, and all of them have come to the same conclusion: that there was no wrongdoing by Gen. McChrystal,"

Mr Morrell seems to have conveniently forgotten that the Army overruled a Pentagon recommendation that McChrystal be held accountable for his "misleading" actions in 2007. Whoever "we" is, who feel terrible for what the Tillman family went through don't know the meaning of "feeling terrible" "Feeling terrible" does not come close to what the Tillman family continues to go through. If this has been so thoroughly investigated, why do we still not know the truth? Why was no one held accountable? Pat Tillman is dead and this assignment is another insult to his service.

McChrystal's assignment as the new top dog in Afghanistan? Nice reward for bad behavior.


Del_Abe_Jones said...

(Pat Tillman)

The two made quite a sacrifice
By joining the Army’s elite
The motto, “Rangers Lead The Way”
Now, for one is bittersweet.

They both walked from professions
And put it All on the front line
To do their Duty to their Country
For, Freedoms of yours and mine.

He lost his Brother to the enemy
In an ambush firefight
The Ranger Creed is what He lived by
And He believed in what was right.

He said, his Grandpa was at “Pearl”
But, felt He hadn’t done His part
So, after Nine Eleven
He knew what to do, down in His heart.

He made the Sacrifice, Supreme
And He surely gave His all
And in that Army, up in Heaven
You can bet He’s standing Proud and Tall.

Del “Abe” Jones
24 April 2004

A Different Memorial Day

Almost forty-three hundred killed
Since we invaded in two thousand three
Thirty two thousand plus, wounded
But maybe, with an end in sight, to see.

There's so many hurting families
Whose lives have changed forever more
Sons and Daughters who lost Parents
To the cruel, ravages of war.

Since our Country was founded
One and one quarter million lost
In all of those many battles fought
It's sad, what our Freedom has cost.

We have this one day to Honor them
All of those Heroes who gave their all
Who rallied 'round our Countries Flag
As they answered, our Nations call.

War has always been the human way
(You would think we had more sense)
Sometimes used for man's aggression
And sometimes used for his defense.

If we ever hope to have a future
On this small planet where we live
We must all learn to live together
And find more compassion to give.

We build those monuments to war
And for all of those who died
Someday, we could build some for Peace
If we, really, truly tried.

But, looks like there's not much hope
Unless we change our minds and ways
And we'll always mourn more lost
On too many, Memorial Days.

Del "Abe" Jones

Let's Build The US Peace Memorial

We have memorials for heroes
Who have fought in wars and died
For great generals and others
To express our nations pride.

From the American Revolution
Until the wars we fight today
Where we honor those people
For, the ultimate price, they pay.

We have statues of politicians
And the leaders of our land
Monuments for almost everything
Some small, some huge and grand.

They are made of stone - cast in bronze
Carved in mountainsides and wood
Some are fanciful, some somber
As we celebrate all those, we should.

But, if you just think about it
And if you search, everywhere
You will see that one is missing
And sadly, so many don't seem to care.

Where do we credit all those folks
Who stand for peace and good will
Who speak out against those wars
That maim, destroy and kill?

Some will say, "It's unpatriotic!"
To try to find a different course
To resolve the worlds conflict
With sane and rational discourse.

"They don't support the troops!"
"They want to give up and surrender!"
"They don't want to fight for freedom!"
"It's just passive words, they tender!?

That could not be further from the truth
It's because, they, honestly do care
What's wrong with peaceful resolution
Especially, when it is just and fair?

Let us all honor those peacekeepers
Who would strive to find a better way
To resolve the worlds differences
And end, the terrible price we all pay.

They deserve their own monument
For their valiant fight against all war
Striving for world peace and freedom
Isn't that, what America stands for?

So, let's build the US Peace Memorial
For people of the world to come and see
The people of our nation, long for peace
Across every land, where all live free.

Please visit
where this is posted and support the Memorial of
which I am a founding member.

Del "Abe" Jones


"Mankind’s greatest accomplishment is not the revolution of technology it is the evolution of creativity " copyright Del "Abe" Jones 1984

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