Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiger Woods Comes Back

Last Friday, all the news reports breathlessly reported Tiger Woods' performance on the golf course the day before as if his comeback was from tragic circumstances.  Tiger Woods is back! OMG!

As charismatic as he may be, I don't care about Tiger Woods' comeback performance and I didn't care about his dalliance's that have been well documented 24x7 since late November.  A lot of us learned more about sexual details that might never have occurred to us had we not been privy to Tiger's serial philandering via twitter, text or voicemail.

I don't care that he had an affair or many affairs, but I'm pretty sure his wife does. It's between them and it's none of our business.   I don't care how this behavior and the ensuing fallout affected his golf game, but I'm sure his sponsors do. His contracts are between them and it's really none of our business who drops him and who keeps him. 

I found the Nike ad uncomfortable on a few levels- I don't need or want to see a grown man being lectured by his dead father to sell overpriced shoes & clothing.  But I guess it's all about money in the end; money for the sponsors and money for the media coverage and of course, money for Tiger.

What I do care about is the hypocrisy of Tiger Woods' perfect son/husband/golfer persona that he presented to the world.  If he had been a "bad boy", the coverage of the sex scandal may have only lasted a news cycle or two.

I have little sympathy for the self inflicted predicament Tiger found himself in, when there are real people who have to overcome real physical and mental difficulties, whose victories we should be celebrating- think wounded soldiers, for instance.  Golf is a just a game, entertainment.

Tiger Woods has to get out of bed in the monring and look at himself in the mirror and ask if he is the man he wants to be.  If he is, that's okay with me, but I don't appreciate presenting someone who isn't really who he is.  The media needs to get over themselves and move onto something more important than Tiger Woods winning his next golf game....or not.


Amy said...

I am so with you on this!

Pull Up A Chair said...

At our house we scramble to turn the channel when anything about Tiger Woods comes on the teepee. For crying out loud, who ARE the people that actually give a rats ass about what this overpaid snore-fest of a human being is doing?

I have met a lot of gold star parents but I happen to be active in the anti war movement. My heart aches for you due to the unfathomable loss you have suffered.

I have tuned out politics for the last 4 or 5 months. I reached my saturation level and decided to save my sanity since it looks like we will never leave Iraq and will be sending even more of our troops to Afghanistan.

A few years back I made this video which YouTube took down because it did not like the graphic nature of my anti war stance:

Peace to you M.

Lisa Benest MD said...

Agreed on all points!