Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome Home!

A young man by the name of Goobig Qp posted this video on his Facebook page. I don't know Goobig, but I know he's got a big heart.  His video is a 10 minute montage of military welcome home reunions. It is worth 10 minutes of your time to see the joy in the faces of the families, friends and even of the returning members of the military.  I wish everyone in the country and I do mean every one, would watch this video and see the faces of these children.  Because in that minute of recognition, in that second, every fear was gone, every bad dream had faded and the world that they had been living in had changed- Daddy/Mommy is home!.  

Of course many of us did not have that reunion that we dreamed of and that sustained us during the time our loved ones were deployed.  Instead, we welcomed home a flag covered casket.  But that is another story and I only mention it to remind you that there are other "Welcome Home" scenarios.

Enjoy these reunions, and while you watch, remember the military children.  They did not enlist but they endure and experience numerous deployments in their own way, just as their parents do.  I wonder what will become of these children?  What are we doing to these children and their future?  They, too are the cost of war.

Before you hit the start button, grab the tissue and settle in.

Thanks for sharing, Goobig! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Karen. As you say, we never got to star in these types of homecomings. My mind replays the departure video--over and over and over again--when I cried at the airport. That anniversary (July 31st), the last time I saw my son alive and held him, is so far more important to me than any other day of the year.
Derek Davey

Anonymous said...

I am a sister of a wounded warrior. Thank you for sharing your story. I support you.