Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Name Them and Shame Them- Joe Wilson (R-SC)

It's been a long time since I've named anyone to shame them, but Rep Addison Graves Wilson, Sr aka Joe Wilson (R-SC) deserves to be taken behind the woodshed for a good whipping tonight. His disrespectful behavior at the televised Presidential speech to the joint session of Congress was embarrassing. When Obama said that his proposed health plan would not include coverage for illegal immigrants, Rep Wilson rudely shouted out "Lie!" Seriously? Take it to a teabag party, Joe; it doesn't work in DC.

Full disclosure, for reader's of this blog, it is no surprise that shouting at President GW Bush during his speeches kept me amused and also controlled my blood pressure during the 8 years of the Bush administration. I was equal opportunity in
my vocal response to varied members of the administration and "LIE" was a favorite for me. However, I am n0t an elected official who represents the good people of South Carolina (or any other state, for that matter). And while I'm at it, readers of this blog may find it hard to read that I am publicly stating my support for John McCain who said that Rep Wilson owes an apology for his behavior.

Addison Graves Wilson, Sr is no gentleman and he owes President Obama an apology. Apparently you can dress up this man, but you should never ever take him out.