Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rush or Bush?

Don't know who's higher up in the Hall of Shame today- Rush Limbaugh or GW? I'd say it's a tie, but I'll let you decide.

Rush Limbaugh has started an "
Adopt a Soldier" campaign. Let's look at it from Operation Truth's viewpoint, who does get it right, of course. As they say, this is a tasteless marketing ploy and doesn't support the soldiers. When you adopt a soldier through Rush, you will be sending them Rush's newsletter for one year. Wow! That's what I want in my stocking this year, Santa! Instead, why not donate money to purchase some of the new personal armor so that the families don't have to buy equipment for their soldiers or they don't have to take it out of their oh, so precious paycheck. If this administration wants our men & women to go in and fight an immoral war for them, they should well be providing adequate protection. Now, let me ask this- who is supporting the troops? And ladies & gentlemen, PLEASE turn off Rush Limbaugh's radio show- he really doesn't have this country's best interest in mind; he's just looking to line his pockets.

Seems like GW is on some kind of a offensive tirade against those of us who question the reasons for this war in Iraq. He calls us "irresponsible" and says
"They spoke the truth then and they're speaking politics now". George, George, George. We counted on intelligence from *your* administration, from your peeps, to tell us and them the truth. We counted on our congressional leaders having the same access to intelligence that the administration had. We have all learned alot in these past 3 years. So, GW, stop lying and stop trying to convince us that things in Iraq are going well. They are not! And no matter how many times you say it, we aren't going to believe you.

What would be irresponsible would be to let this President "stay the course" and to continue to let him support the troops as he has without proper body armor and properly armored vehicles. What was irresponsible was for this President to use Veteran's Day to avoid the truth of his misue of the intelligence that was available to him. What he did not do on Veteran's Day was HONOR the Veterans of this country!

Yep, and GW's pal, Rumsfeld is standing right by his side. At a press conference,
he accused administration critics of re-writing the history of the Iraq conflict. Isn't that just the way these guys work? Smoke and mirrors- get the story off of *themselves*. Secretary, just write on the blackboard 100 times, "I will not lie to the American people" and oh yeah, a lie of omission is still a lie, if you're wondering.

****2072 is the number of American casualties in Iraq today...6 of those families have not been notified yet. They have no clue how their world is about to change.****

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