Friday, June 02, 2006

"A US Soldier"

A reporter* was seriously injured by a car bomb in Baghdad on Memorial Day, 2006. Her two British colleagues**, cameraman and soundman were both killed in the attack. A US soldier and an Iraqi interpreter were also killed.

"A US soldier", as he has been referred to, is
Captain James A Funkhouser, 35, from Katy, TX was near his Humvee during reconnaissance patrol operations when the car bomb detonated on Memorial Day.

Funkhouser, a 1989 graduate of Katy's Taylor High School was assigned to the 1st Bat, 12th Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division at the time of his death. Funkhouser, who was known by his middle name, "Alex," was commissioned by his father, retired Army Col. James Funkhouser Sr.

Jennifer said her husband served at Fort Hood as an armor officer training men for Iraq. He was a "great husband and a hands on father", his wife Jennifer said. He also leaves behind his 2 daughters, Kaitlyn, 4, and Allison, 2.

An Iraqi interpreter, "Sam" also was killed in the blast, and six U.S. soldiers were injured.

We don't know much more than that about the interpreter and we don't know the extent of injuries to those 6 US soldiers who were injured in the car bombing, but now we know about "A US Soldier", whose name was not known immediately. Presumably the delay in releasing his name was due to the notification process, but we need to know these names and see these faces of who is dying in this war.

We Gold Star families and those whose loved ones have been wounded would not wish this journey on anyone. If this incident serves as a reminder that Iraq is a dangerous place for everyone, including journalists, soldiers and Iraqi civilians, then let that be the purpose. TV viewers need to understand that the dread the families of Dozier, Brolan and Douglas lived with every day while they were in Iraq is the new normal for military families every day. Welcome to our world.

*Kimberly Dozier, CBS News Correspondent
**Paul Douglas, CBS News Cameraman
**James Brolan, CBS News Soundman


Anonymous said...

Alex was a good friend, great father, and honorable soldier. All of us that knew him will miss him dearly. Our prayers go to his family.

DJ Mormile

A memorial fund has been set up for his family:
Children of Captain Funkhouser
Sterling Bank
Attn: Billie Jean Higginbotham
20045 Katy Freeway
Katy, TX 77450

Kim said...

Alex was my friend. He and I lived next door to eachother when he lived in CA. He was a great guy--always caring for others before himself. He had an infectious smile that warmed the hearts of everyone who got a chance to see it. He will be greatly missed.

GSMSO said...

Thanks to both of you, DJ and Kim, for posting. We should all know about who is dying in this war.

We don't see the coffins as they return and beyond the local press they stay anonymously as "An American Soldier" or "2 American Soldiers".

I wonder how many people in this country can name even one soldier who has died. I know too many names because afterall, they are all of our children.