Friday, July 14, 2006

Who is this man?

He looks like Bush, he talks like Bush, he must be our president, but I am horrified. The Middle east is exploding, North Korea is heating up, Sudan is spinning out of control, Iran & Syria seem to be involved somehow; the world is in more danger than we've seen in a long time. George wants to talk about a pig!

The President of the United States, who is heading to the G8
conference in Russia stopped in Germany to visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Laura and George were feted at a barbecue of roast wild boar. George told the guests that since he and his wife, Laura, come from Texas, throwing a barbecue for them is "one of the greatest compliments you could have." Isn't that nice? (photo courtesy of PABLO MARTINEZ MONSIVAIS / AP)

I'll give him that, the time to be social, we all need some down time. And even though George Bush gets plenty of time off away from the White House; last year, in 2004, he broke the all time vacation record held by Ronald Reagan, he deserves it, he's the President afterall. It's a tough job.

No one can deny that the job of president of the United states is a 24/7, 365 days of the year full time job. You don't get to forget your responsibilities; you are always on. So, let's get back to the pig.

Prior to this barbecue in a Baltic coastal town, a press conference was held. There were questions about the violence in the Middle east and Iran. I'm thinking this would be a good time for the President of the United States, arguably one of the most powerful men in the world (sorry, Dick, for this rant, it goes to George), to assure the world that these current events were being watched very carefully and that communications remained open- I don't know if that's true, but that's what I want to know or not.

Mark Silva from the Chicago Tribune reports that although the president did respond to the serious questions, it seems that George really just wants to talk about the PIG! "I understand I may have the honor of slicing the pig

"Apart from the pig, Mr. President, what sort of insights have you been able to gain as regards East Germany?" a German reporter asked.
"I haven't seen the pig yet," Bush said, sidestepping the question about insights gained from his two-day visit to this rural seaside region that once rested behind the Iron Curtain.

We should be able to expect better from our leaders; it just doesn't seem very presidential. What did we do to deserve this?


Renee said...

Perhaps the President isn't willing to start talking before he has all the facts? Or perhaps we are all a little too excited about the world news. In my opinion, probably the latter and maybe a little of the formeer.

REB 84 said...

I saw this on the Daily Show. How embarassing.

"I thought you were going to ask about the pig."

pogblog said...

I think the president might have soberly reflected that he was soberly reflecting rather than bizarrely obsessing about the BBQ. This was all of the most powerful mainly men in the world. Not a time for frat wisecracks.

The man is baseball commissioner caliber, not leader of the western nations mettle.

GSMSO said...

Sorry Renee, that never stopped this president before. He says what he wants when he wants with no senstive regard to the subject matter or his audience.

He doesn't get a pass on this one either.

p.s. maybe we should be excited about the current situation in the world. It's alot better than suffering from Iraq Fatigue, or Katrina Fatigue, or......

Chancelucky said...

Are you talking about the one in the left background or the one in the middle?