Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq

If you are a parent, you have probably had this kind of conversation when you knew your child had done something wrong and they just weren't ready to admit it. "If you don't tell me everything NOW, it will only get worse".

George Bush is that recalcitrant child and he's not telling us anything. No one should be surprised by this. This administration doesn't know how to tell the truth and further, since George Bush told us he is the decider (of what we should know, how we should act and so on) it's apparent that he thinks we don't need to know anything.

Bush loyalists will have to throw their cards in one day and come to the side of full disclosure. At this point, I'd ask for half disclosure because even if you only look at the egregious behavior of the Bush administration in the past 30 days, you'd have to wonder what other stories we don't know about. The thing that surprises me is that the president doesn't seem to understand the magnitude and the effects that his administration has on this country and further the effects on troops that he supposedly supports.

The desolate conditions and treatment of patients/troops at Walter Reed and other VA hospitals; the revelation that the FBI has been violating the Patriot Act right an left; discussion of a pardon for Irving Scooter Libby after being found guilty of 4, count 'em, FOUR felonies related to lying to a grand jury. I could go on, but it's been a busy week for bad news and I don't think I can take anymore. reports The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq. This shouldn't be a surprise with the increased number of troops required to fill the surge of troops being sent to Iraq for added security. Let me add that these troops are from the 3rd Infantry Division out of Ft Benning, GA many of whom are heading to Iraq for the 3rd deployment to hell. It's no wonder many of them have injuries whose doctors have classified them as "unfit for battle". Many of these soldiers are medically restricted to lifting less than 15 pounds or wearing their helmet for less than one hour. I think this is part of Rumsfeld's "you go to war with the Army you've got" policy. These soldiers needn't worry about getting the medical care they need when we finally get them out of there; I'm betting there will be only cosmetic changes to the conditions that we know about at Walter Reed even after the commission makes it's recommendations.

With everything else that has happened under the watch of this administration, I am certain of this, things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse.

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Chancelucky said...

All of these revelations remind me that it indeed mattered that the Democrats took back Congress last November. None of this would be happening without that. 2008 may be even more important.