Sunday, March 25, 2007


On Monday, the military will release the results of the 5th investigation into the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman. They will also reveal the results of a related investigation Army Criminal Investigation Command.

Also on Monday, the results of the autopsy of Anna Nicole Smith will be released.

If I was a betting woman, and I am; I would bet that the lead story on the Monday evening news will be Anna Nicole Smith.

wanna bet?


pogblog said...

Anna Nicole trumps everything including if we were about to be struck by a gigantic asteroid (which we are actually, but nobody wants to know). Get your priorities straight.

Chancelucky said...

you won the bet. I think the Tillman report was the far sadder business. I saw these headlines "no criminal negligence" then read a story that said that basically the whole chain of command was guilty of lying to the family, covering up what really happened, etc.

It isn't the possible "negligence" in the case that disturbed me, it was always the coverup.

GSMSO said...


I'd rather not have won the bet. With Congressional hearings scheduled for 4/24 (2 days after the 3 year anniversary of Pat's death), let's see if Congress can finally get the whole truth, nothing but the truth, out of this Army.

I'd rather not win this bet either, but I say the Tillman family will never know the whole truth. It will stay buried intentionally and go to many, many graves of men who were never the man Pat Tillman was.