Thursday, January 05, 2006

60% Crap

I'm a night owl which makes it easy for me to catch Dave Letterman's show most nights. I have been particularly touched by Dave's soft spot for the military when he flies over to visit our soldiers in combat areas. His show features greetings from the soldiers and has them participate in his Top 10 now and again. Dave gets it about the military and the position that the soldiers are in with regards to GW's policies.

If you didn't catch The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday, 1.3.06, you missed what will be a classic TV spot. One of Dave's guests was Bill O"Reilly. (disclaimer: I don't have any respect for Bill or his venom spewing. I was overjoyed when one of my friends appeared on The O"Reilly Factor and kicked Bill's ass. Dolores Kesterson, a Gold Star Mom was on his show in August 2005 and she soundly put him in his place.) but I digress......

On Tuesday night, Bill came out blathering from the first minute about how Christmas was being taken away from the country, and blah, blah, blah. He's an idiot. And Dave wasn't buying it at all. He told Bill "60% of what you say is crap". This was after Bill said "We gotta win this thing". Win what? How can you win something when you don't know what your mission is? GW keeps changing that to fit his plan d'jour and honestly, there are alot of us that are darned sick and tired of his BS.

So, as Dave says, wake up the kids and watch this: Late Night with David Letterman on 1.3.06. Special thanks to people at for posting the link. This is something you can watch to remind you that there are plenty of people in this world who get it and it is hilarious! Thanks Dave!

p.s. I did send an email to Dave telling him how much I appreciated that he could even imagine losing a child in this war.


brainhell said...

I had a little trouble following the links and finding the video. This link might work better:

pogblog said...

I've become addicted to Jon Stewart who cuts these Present Menaces no slack.

Sometimes I wake up & shake myself & think 'I can't really be in a country with Pat Robertson, Bill OReilly, and Dick Cheney -- shucks, it must be just a nightmare and I'll wake up now, please.'