Monday, January 09, 2006

Pro-troops Road Trip

I hate to even mention the name of this organization, because they don't deserve any attention or publicity, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I'll do it, but only one time. Move America Forward has a campaign called "They Didn't Die in Vain". This organization calls themself "pro-troops" (as if we, who oppose the war, aren't). They laughably call themselves
a non-partisan organization dedicated to preserving our American heritage of freedom and liberty.

I think they meant to omit the "non" in non-partisan. The dictionary describes partisan as par·ti·san (pär'tĭ-zen) n. A fervent, sometimes militant supporter or proponent of a party, cause, faction, person, or idea. This organization is about as partisan a group as you can find. Their campaign is a about the pro Bush, pro war Gold Star Families who believe that their children didn't die in vain and how painful it is for them to-

endure the constant negativity from the news media about the war in Iraq and the efforts by some in this country to undermine the mission that our troops are serving

GIVE ME A BREAK! And to make it all better for these pro war, pro Bush families, this group is organizing a trip to Iraq so these family members can
...go thank those who still serve on the front lines today for helping to make sure the mission in Iraq is completed. Help them to see first hand the new Iraq that is rising up from the ashes of that brutal despotic regime of Saddam Hussein
GIVE ME ANOTHER BREAK! This is the most irresponsible thing I have heard in a very long time. It has already been established that Iraq is not a safe place for anyone. Iraq is not open for tourism, not now and not for along time. If these family members go over there on this field trip, who is going to provide security for them? (I know, I know- pick me, pick me!!) I'm guessing it would be the American soldiers, who have much better things to do than to guard these family members or anyone else who has no business being there.

Ken's father has said he wants to go to Najaf to see where Ken was killed. I don't and even if I did, I wouldn't jeopardize anyone's saftey until Iraq is a safe place to visit. If our soldiers are asked to provide security for these families and the soldiers become distracted and someone is hurt, then the families and this organization have blood on their hands as surely as the administration.

Save your money, folks. No one needs to be going to Iraq, including troops (but that's another story). To thank the soldiers who still serve, why not volunteer at a VA hospital? Help these young men and women find a life that is as normal as it can be with the catastrophic injuries that they are recovering from. Why not work with your legislators to insure that our soldiers have the proper body armor , properly armored vehicles and other material support that the DOD should be providing? Why not work with your legislator to insure that the VA budget is not reduced any more?

People who are "pro-troops" can do better than taking a road trip.


Chancelucky said...

I assume this is the same group that uses Melanie Morgan as its spokesperson. If so, I remember that Morgan and a group of pro-war talk and news folk already did a trip to Iraq to report the "good" news. I suspect they didn't find that much good news, because their trip didn't get much play.

I recently looked at the Pentagon's own best news about Iraq, Measuring Security and Stability in Iraq. It's pretty bleak if you ask me.

The trick with these trips is that there are sections fo the country that are relatively safe. It's just places like the capital itself etc. that can't be secured, so I suspect there are ways to keep a delegation reasonably safe as long as they don't see the actual war.

brainhell said...

These people are probably very sincere. I think some other blogger (a soldier?) said that having your mom come to visit you on deployment is the worst possible thing.