Tuesday, January 03, 2006

LTC Murtha's speaking the truth again

I woke up to the news this morning that Jack Murtha, my favorite PA Congressman was speaking the truth again. It gives one a reason to get out of bed. That kind of news puts a hop in my step! Hallelujah and Happy New Year!

Representative Murtha was being interviewed on Nightline, ABC's late night news program. When asked "Would you join (the military) today?," , he answered "No". Representative Murtha is the top Democrat on the House of Representatives subcommittee that oversees defense spending and one of his party's leading spokesmen on military issues. He is a decorated Marine LTC, served for 37 years. I'm guessing with those credentials, he knows of what he speaks, and he just may be speaking for high level members of the military who can't speak for themselves.

People all over talk radio were taking potshots at Rep Murtha. How could he endanger the military and the country? He is irresponsible, they said. I say leave him alone and listen to the strange sound of the truth. It not something that comes from the direction of DC very often. It's high time that someone in DC grows a backbone and starts calling 'em, as they see 'em. Those complicit legislators who don't stand up and question the policies of this President are as egregious as those who support these same policies outright. When is the whistling past the graveyard going to stop?

Let me provide my credentials so I can give you my take on the question. I was raised in a military family; my dad was a LTC in the Army, my dad's dad was a Colonel in the Army and my mom's dad was a Major in the Army. My older sister was a LTC in the Army, and all of that made my son a 4th generation Army officer. Army black and gold runs through my veins. I believe this country needs a strong military. I am not anti-military, got it?

I am proud that my son chose to serve his country. I will always be proud of my son's service. He loved being a soldier. My son did not deserve to die for this President's use of "wrong intelligence".

Our soldiers take an oath to defend the Constitution and to obey the orders of the President of the United States. In return, their Commander in Chief and this country owe them the TRUTH about their mission and why they are going into harms way. They should never be sent into combat without suitable equipment or proper training. They should never be sent to into war without proper planning and without an exit strategy. They should never be sent into hostilities unless it is our last option.

When I met with the Secretary of the Army last September, I told him he wasn't my target in speaking out against the war; my target was much higher than he. He's a smart man. He understood. It's not the military I particularly have a complaint with; they are doing their job as assigned by the President. The President owes our military much more than he could ever give them, but least of all he owes them respect, he owes them adequate personal equipment and training & properly armored vehicles. He owes them accountability for strategic mistakes that have resulted in too many needless deaths. He owes the veterans sufficient physical, emotional and financial support when they return from this hideous war. He owes them the truth.

Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns" for foreign policy in the book “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam”. I haven't heard that GW has repeated that quote, but I suspect he thinks Kissinger is right on. That's the way he treats the military and they don't deserve that kind of treatment.

Is this how you would want your child treated? Neither would I and I wouldn't serve in this President's military either, not now.

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Chancelucky said...

Well said. Rep. Murtha simply spoke the truth once again and much of the reaction has been at the level of how he should have known how it would "spin". At some point in their outrage, people get beyond that and that's where Murtha is.

It's interesting to me that there's been less about these statements than when he originally came out for a US watch and withdraw. I find it similar to the Right Wing silence on the Barron's editorial that said the FISA business should be investigated as impeachable. The Right has largely ignored it simply because they can't say a lot about it.