Saturday, January 21, 2006

From Someone I Know

I'm not naming names, but someone I know sent me this email:

By the by, I read the text of Bin Laden's message last week, and if you removed the Bin Laden byline and substituted "Editorial" or "Ted Kennedy," it'd be worth cheering about. It's very unsettling how much sense he makes for a fundamentalist Muslim terrorist fanatic crackpot. All sorts of things about how average Americans have turned against the war, how they realize it's unwinnable even if Bush hasn't, how ridiculous it looks in retrospect for Bush to have stood on the deck of that aircraft carrier and declared Mission Accomplished so prematurely, etc.

What does it mean when Osama Bin Laden's beliefs are closer to ours than are the president's?

Good question, what does it all mean?

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brainhell said...

It means that the hateful cruel murderer is smart enough to parrot ideas that he thinks will bring him more power -- much like George Bush is.